Thursday, March 23

#BBNaija: Meet Efe’s parent

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Here’s a photo of Big Brother Naija Housemate, Efe’s parent, Mr. & Mrs. Ejebe. The warri-born housemate looks more like his dad.
Efe moved to Lagos because it is “where it all happens” and worked his way up to earn recognition. A graduate in Economics, he enjoys cooking and is confident his easy-flowing attitude will help him win over Housemates’ plots.
Efe, is currently the Ultimate Head of House where he was tasked by biggie to put up 4 housemates for possible eviction. He chose Bassey, Debbie-Rise, TBoss and Bally.

Who do you think he looks more like? His father of Mother?

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Friday, March 10

Checkout This Beautiful Photo Of Davido’s Dad And Late Mum.

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Looks like the singer is a family guy though, just the other day, he shared a lovely family portrait of himself with his dad and siblings, this time, he shared a lovely photo of his dad with his late mother.

His mother was truly a beauty though…

Funke Akindele’s Husband, JJC Skillz’s Daughter Rocks Nose Ring In Cute New Photo.

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Actress, Funke Akindele’s husband, singer and music producer, JJC Skillz’ daughter, Tamira shared the photo above where she rocks a nose ring.
The music producer has three children from three different women before he got married to Funke Akindele – Tamira was the one who had broke the news of the union at that time last year.
She’s cute, init?

See Before And After London Vacation Photos Of President Muhammed Buhari.

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The following photos shows President Muhammadu Buhari as he left Abuja on Friday, January 19, for medical vacation in London, and returned on Friday, March 10. with the aid of the photos, tell the story of his illness more appropriately. Read below:
When the 74 year old retired General was leaving, he was looking frail but a bit stronger. Adorning a dark brown kaftan, he had a vest which might be interpreted to mean that he was cold.
But on his return, he looked leaner and tired. Decked in dark kaftan, the index finger of
his left hand was carefully extended, suggesting a sample of his blood was recently checked.
He wore a thicker turtle neck vest which could mean he was feeling colder than when he left Nigeria (older people usually feel colder).
The President admitted he had never been this sick, and the before and after pictures tell the story better…
Continue with the before and after photos below:



Wednesday, March 8

Famous Front Doors From Around the World

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Famous Front Doors From Around the World

Building a house can be one of the most exciting and challenging projects ever. Moreover, besides giving in all your knowledge, your heart and enthusiasm, you are going to need a lot of building materials  to make your house happen. Shop a wide selection of them on, where you can find front doors and exterior doors, handrails, gates, door locks, paints, bricks, roofing materials etc. A unique front door transforms any home exterior and define your personality. We invite you to learn interesting facts about usual doors.
The Holy Door of St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the largest churches in the world and is one of the holiest Catholic shrines. Saint Peter was buried there. The church was built by renaissance artists, such as Michelangelo and Bramante. The northern entrance of St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the most famous doors on the planet. The Holy doors can be only open if it is a Holy Year, which is happening every 25 years starting in 1450. The next Holy Year will be 2025. It represents “a Door of Mercy through which anyone who enters will experience the love of God who consoles, pardons, and instills hope.” Different religious images are carved on 16 square areas of The Holy Door
Open doors in China
The great Chinese general Zhuge Liang, nicknamed "The Hidden Dragon", saved the city from the enemy, simply by opening city gates. General ordered all the gates to be opened, while he sat on the viewing platform above the gates playing his guqin. The invaders did not dare to enter because they were suspecting that there was an ambush inside the city.
Colorful doors in Dublin, Ireland
Bright Irish doors are part of the local colors and is the memory of a historical event. The story says that when Queen Victoria died, citizens were ordered to paint their doors black as a sign of mourning. However, Irish people painted their doors bright colours instead as a sign of rebellion.
221B, Baker Street, United Kingdom
I bet everyone knows the address of Sherlock Holmes. However, it might come as disappointment to you that he never lived there. And it is not because it being a fiction, but 221b did not really exist, when the stories were written. At that time, Baker Street was quite short and house numbers didn’t go over the number 85. However, in 1930 the street was lengthened and 221B was able to exist. Right now the location is a museum in honor of Sherlock Holmes. The famous door is painted black and has silver knockers with a mail slot.

GOSPEL: Edgar Snazzy (PGC) - Panda Gospel Cover

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Edgar Snazzy also known as Church Boy has finally dropped the long awaited single Panda Gospel Cover,(PGC), the young gospel rapper has proven to be exceptional and is ready to deliver for Jehovah.....

Download and Listen to the Gospel Cover of Panda by Oluwa's Gangster .... #EDGAR SNAZZY

Monday, March 6

“President Muhammed Buhari May Return Today, March 6th” – Former Minister For Information, Nakande Says.

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Ibrahim Dasuki Nakande, former Minister of State for Information, has claimed that he has information suggesting that President Muhammad Buhari could return to Nigeria today March 6, Daily Trust reports.
The newspaper quoted Nakande as saying this during another special prayer session, attended by hundreds of clerics, for the quick recovery of the president that was held on Sunday, March 5 at the Jos Central Mosque
If Nakande’s information is correct, then President Buhari could return today March 6 after over thirty days in the UK.
“From the information I gathered, President Buhari is hale and sound and may come back today (yesterday) or tomorrow (today). All what is needed from us is prayer for the full recovery and God’s guidance for the president to deliver his campaign promises,” Nakande said.

Nakande was also quoted as saying President Buhari has been speaking with different stakeholders, including the leadership of the National Assembly including Senate president, Bukola Saraki, who had visited the Nigerian leader in London and confirmed that he is doing well.
Nakande said Buhari is Nigeria’s saviour from the current economic and political mess that it is in.
It is only Buhari that can take this nation out of the mess it found itself,” he said.
Nakande’s words come just days after Sahara Reporters wrote that President Buhari’s aides are allegedly trying to get him back to Aso Rock in Abuja before the eight-week closure of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in the Federal Capital Territory if possible.
“Some of Mr. President’s associates are mounting pressure on him to return to Abuja as soon as possible, and especially before the [Abuja] airport is temporarily closed,” Sahara Reporters quoted a source close to the presidency as saying.

Checkout This Beautiful Portrait Of Davido’s Family.

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As they say, Blood is thicker than water and there’s nothing as beautiful as your family – the Adelekes are expressing that fact as they pose for the camera in this family portrait of theirs.
The music star among them, Davido, is photoed alongside his dad, Chief Adedeji Adeleke, and his brothers and sisters.
Such a lovely family!

Awwwn! See How Funke Akindele’s Husband Bends Down To Adjust Her Dress On AMVCA Carpet.

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How sweet is this huh?! The couple be going Kanye and Kim on us! Actress, Funke Akindele’s husband, JJC Skillz helped her arrange her dress as they got ready to take photos on the AMVCA 2017 red carpet.
Obviously, the gentleman took a cue from perfectionist, Kanye West, who is known to make sure his wife is beyond perfect every time they hit the red carpet together.
Here’s are photos of Kanye adjusting Kim’s dress on the red carpet of GQ Men Of The Year Awards in London:

“Apostle Suleiman Is Innocent And I Don’t Know Festus Keyamo” – Alleged Lover Confesses.

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Alleged lover of Omega Fire Ministries founder, Apostle Suleiman, Stephanie Otobo, who reportedly got dumped after getting pregnant for the Pastor, has debunked the reports made by Sahara Reporters.
Ms. Otobo, who says she’s just a young girl of twenty-three (23) years old, and doesn’t know Barr. Festus Keyamo from anywhere, revealed that some gullible individuals are out to make money from the innocent man of God (Apostle Johnson Suleiman); using her as a bait.
The lady who expressed shock over the media propaganda being championed by Sahara Reporters, said that the #500M claims is such a huge sum to come about. She further revealed that she’s from a broken home, and her separated parents can never dream of pulling just 1% of such an amount in a very long time.
While refuting the allegations made against Apostle Johnson Suleiman by Festus Keyamo on her behalf, Stephanie Otobo is calling on Nigerians of good will to discard the earlier media propaganda by Sahara Reporters and consider same as totally false and untrue.
“Yes, I had an encounter with some officers The Nigeria Police few days back; but I don’t remember making any such ambiguous claims against a reputable man of God in the status of Apostle Johnson Suleiman. Let the man of God alone please” she said.

Davido Buys His Dad A New Bentley To Celebrate His Birthday. (Photos)

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Chief Adeleke, billionaire father of Nigerian music star, Davido, turned a year older and his proud son got his dad, who has always supported his music career, a new Bentley as a birthday gift.
Celebrating his old man, he shared a SC story of himself and his dad singing to his hit song “IF” while they rode in
the new car.
Continue with the photos below:

Apostle Suleiman In Sex Scandal, Dumps Pregnant Canadian Lover, Gets Her Detained In Lagos

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Auchi-based cleric Apostle Johnson Suleiman is back in the news for the wrong reasons not long after his spat with state agencies for allegedly inciting violence.
The law firm of Lagos-based lawyer, Festus Keyamo has written a letter to the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) on behalf of one Miss Stephanie Otobo, said to be Apostle Suleiman’s lover, over her arrest on trumped up charges at the behest of Suleiman.
Otobo, described as a musician based in Ontario, Canada, who goes by the stage name of Kimora, was reportedly arrested on March 3 at a United Bank of Africa branch by heavily armed policemen from Federal Criminal Investigations Department (FCID), Alagbon, at the Anthony Village area of Lagos.

The letter also alleged that Otobo had been denied food and access to her lawyers since her arrest.
The controversial cleric and the Canada-based singer were said to have met in 2015 after which they began a relationship when Apostle Suleiman telling her that he had divorced his wife and wanted more male children.
The cleric also allegedly made a marriage proposal to Miss Otobo, which she accepted after which they paid a visit to her family in Delta state.
In a letter dated 3rd March, 2017 by the law firm to demand the sum of N500m from Apostle Suleiman for breaching his promise to marry Miss Otobo, the cleric was reminded of his alleged habit of “licking Miss Otobo’s body from her toes to her private part” any time they wanted to make love.

Apostle Suleiman was similarly accused of having sexual relations with Miss Otobo after his church programmes at a time she also selected his sermon topics.

Miss Otobo’s lawyers also warned Apostle Suleiman to desist from threatening the life of their client who they claimed had naked pictures, raunchy text messages, bank statements, and other implicating items to show as evidence of their relationship.
According to Sahara Reporters, the relationship turned sour when Miss Otobo informed the fiery pastor that she was pregnant in September 2016.
The other pages of the letters to the cleric demanding the sum of N500m for his breach of the promise of marriage and to the IGP demanding the release of Miss Otobo can be seen below:

Saturday, March 4

#BBNaija: As eviction night draws closer, housemates try to remain relevant

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As the eviction night draws closer, the housemates in the Big Brother Naija House are doing all they could to remain in the house, News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.
Head of House, ThinTallTony had a pep talk with his fellow Housemates about being cautious in the use of household items.
A tearful, Debie-Rise and TBoss had a heart to heart talk about cliques and how disrespectful and inconsiderate some of the Housemates are.
The task for the day saw the housemates doing all sorts of crazy things as Kemen had his face painted and Bassey licked Marvis’ fingers.
While TBoss and Debie-Rise immediately changed the conversation when Marvis arrived, Bally and Uriel thought there was no obvious weak link on Big Brother Naija and that several people might be evicted.
TBoss had accused ThinTallTony and Bisola of trying to make her a “”pawn’’ in their game.
Earlier, popular Nigerian comedian, Ayo Makun known as A.Y. visited the housemates.
During his conversion with them, he encouraged them to use their participation in the game show as a platform to move to the next level.
A.Y. narrated his journey to stardom in the Nigerian entertainment industry as Personal Assistant to the King of Comedy, Ali Baba to becoming a movie producer and actor.
He also narrated the success of his first movie “30 Days in Atalanta’’, “A Trip to Jamiaca and the recently releases “’10 Days in Sun City’’.
The comedian stressed the need for the housemates to use the show as a platform to move high in the area of endeavour.
Meanwhile, popular Nigerian Rhythms and Blues singer, Bankole Wallington also known as Banky W will perform live at the eviction this Sunday.
Similarly, Kentalky will be in the wheel of steels at the Saturday Night Party for the housemates.

Nigerians troll Oge Okoye after she was caught stealing picture of Kenya Moore Dog.. Then she disables her Comments on her Instagram

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Yesterday, Friday 3rd March, Nollywood Actress, Oge Okoye was the talk of Social Media after she was caught stealing a picture of American Actress, Kenya Moore’s Dogs and claimed them to be her.

Nigerians of course have been trolling her on her Instagram page.. and then she bent to pressure and disabled comments on her page. This of course didn’t stop the trolls as they continued to leave more comments on pictures that she forgot to disable comment.