Monday, September 19

Tonto Dikeh's husband gifts her with the new iPhone7

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The actress and mother of one showed off her new iPhone7 courtesy of her husband,Mr Churchill.The phone is about N460,thousand naira..
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You don't have to be a hoe to relevant-Victoria Kimani tells ladies

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The Kenyan star signed to Nigerian label,Cjhocolate City, took to instagram to advice ladies in Kenya..
I want young girls in Kenya NOT to be pressured by society to become over glorified prostitutes... Finish school .... You don't have to be a hoe to be relevant, NEVER trade RESPECT for ATTENTION 💯 #SAFARIschool #BIGsisterKIMANI ❤️ I Love you .... I would never lead you astray #GOTA 🔨 🇰🇪

Friday, September 9

‘Panda’ Rapper, Desiigner Arrested For Possession of Drugs and Loaded Gun

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On Thursday night, the rapper famous for his hit song Panda, was arrested in New York City following a road rage incident where he allegedly pointed a gun at another driver. TMZ Reports.
Read The FULL Report From TMZ Below:
Desiigner was arrested Thursday night in NYC in a road rage incident that led to felony drug and weapons charges … TMZ has learned.
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … the people in the SUV and the driver of another vehicle began screaming at each other. The driver of the other car called 911 and claimed Desiigner pointed a gun at him. The SUV left but the driver of the car took down the license plate number.
Cops found the SUV a short time later, searched it, and found a large quantity of loose pills in the center console.
 Our law enforcement sources say they found Oxycontin and other drugs.
Desiigner and 4 others in the SUV were arrested. All 5 were arrested and charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal possession of drugs with intent to sell, which are felonies.
Desiigner was also charged with felony criminal possession of a loaded weapon and menacing (that’s for allegedly pointing a gun at the other driver).
All 5 are still in custody.

Hehe… See How This University Student Who Slept With Her Lecturer Was Rewarded.

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A Facebook user, Judith Juahla, shared on her page that the said female undergraduate slept with her lecturer hoping to get an A, but was shocked when she saw an E because as she said, she didn’t fulfill the man’s sexual desires.
Reports have it that she is an electrical engineering student at University of Nairobi and the lecturer was identified as Dr. Kiogora.
Lol… The story seems fishy though, given that she shared it to the whole public… Just like that…

How To Flash – Unbrick Any Infinix Zero, Hot, Hot Note Phone

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XOS Chameleon v2.0.0 based on Android Marshmallow 6.0 is finally out for the Infinix Zero 3 and I love it mainly cause it has markedly improved the performance of my device. I decided to flash the update instead of waiting for an OTA update as I wanted a clean slate. So far so good, I haven't noticed any major bug. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the dark notification drawer as it makes some notifications illegible and there seems to be no way to change it to a white background (or maybe I haven't seen that feature yet on my device)
Flashing the Infinix Zero 3 is pretty straight forward. The initial boot after flashing takes like 3 - 5 minutes thereabout after which you run setup as you would if you were setting up a new smartphone. I highly recommend you back up all of your data even those on SD card before you proceed to avoid data loss.
The guide below is on my experience flashing the Infinix Zero 3 but it's valid for the Infinix Hot Note 2 LTE. The only thing that varies is the ROM.


Download and extract SP_Driver_v2.0 and SP_Flash_Tool.
Go to Infinix Support page to download the specific ROM for your device. Select Software Updates in Step 1. Select your phone model in Step 2 and the ROM will be displayed in Step 3. Download the ROM under For Laptop.
Download Official Infinix Stock ROMs

To know if your phone is A1 or B1, go to Settings >> About Phone >>Build Number. It will be indicated there. If you're confused, leave a comment with your build number and I'll tell you which ROM to flash.


You need to disable driver signature enforcement in Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 so that you can successfully install the drivers.
Go to PC Settings from the start menu >> Update and Recovery >> Recovery.
Under Advanced Startup, click on Restart Now.
Your PC will do a kind of reboot and go to a blue Choose an option screen. Click on Troubleshoot (refresh or reset your PC or use advanced tools) >> Advanced Options >> Startup Settings (change windows startup behaviour) >> Restart.
Your PC will now restart and go to yet another blue screen with 10 options. Press 7 or F7 on your keyboard to select Disable driver signature enforcement.
Your PC will then reboot with driver signature enforcement disabled.


Extract the files you downloaded previously and run DriverInstall.exe which is in the SP Driver 2.0 folder.
During the driver installation process, you will get several prompts like the one below. Simply click on Install this driver software anyway each time.

Windows Can't Verify The Publisher Of This Driver Software

Once driver installation is complete, restart your computer.
Mediatek MT6735M Drivers Installation Complete 3

Step 4

Please make sure you've backed up your data completely. Data stored on the SD card isn't touched but you never can be too sure, so it's best you back up to your computer or a USB flash drive.
Go to the SP Flash Tool folder and run flash_tool.exe
Run Flash Tool
Click on Download Agent and select MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin which you'll find inside the SP Flash Tool folder.
Mediatek MT6795 Smart Phone Flash Tool Setup
Click on Scatter-loading and select the scatter file for your ROM. For the Infinix Zero 3 it is MT6795_Android_scatter.txt. This file will be in the folder where you extracted your ROM to.
Mediatek MT6795 Smart Phone Flash Tool Setup 2

Click on the download button just beside the stop button (sorry I forgot to mark it). Switch your phone off and connect it to your computer.
If all goes well, you will see a yellow progress line that says Download flash ... at the bottom as shown below. Set your phone down and touch nothing until the process is complete.
NOTE: I had to switch USB ports several times before the damn thing started flashing. You might be lucky and not face that ish at all.
Infinix Zero 3, Hot Note 2 LTE Flash Starts
Infinix Zero 3, Hot Note 2 LTE Flash CompleteInfinix Zero 3, Hot Note 2 LTE Flash Complete
Once the flashing process is complete, simply disconnect your phone and start it.

Please, please, please, if this guide works for you, do leave a comment to let me know. Thanks.

Sunday, August 28

10 Computer Shortcuts You Can Use for Evil

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These shortcuts will allow you to use that small window of time to pull a (somewhat) harmless computer prank that’s not only hilarious, but teaches him the value of locking his computer when he steps away.
NOTE: Humor’s Office is not responsible for any damage (physical or mental) these shortcuts may cause. Also all of these shortcuts were tested on Windows 7 / Office 2007, though will likely work on most versions of Windows / Office.

10 Computer Shortcuts You Can Use for Evil

1. Turn on High Contrast

What It Does: Turns on High Contrast mode on a computer screen.
Level of Evilness: 1 – It just changes the display, which is easily reversed.
How to Do It: Hit Left Alt + Left Shift + PrintScreen.
How to Fix It: Hit the same keys: (Left Alt + Left Shift + PrintScreen).
2. Lock the scrolling in Excel.
What It Does: Changes the behavior of Excel so that when you hit the arrow keys, it changes the view, not the cell selection.
Level of Evilness: 2 – Experts in Excel will quickly know what’s going on, but novices will likely be confused / gradually aggravated.
How to Do It: In Excel, hit Scroll Lock.
How to Fix It: Hit Scroll Lock again.
3. Turn the display upside down.
What It Does: Changes the orientation of the computer display to left, right or upside down.
Level of Evilness: 3 – It might confuse people, but is easy to fix and does no permanent damage.
How to Do It: Hit Ctrl+Alt+DownArrowKey (or Left, Right or Up).
How to Fix It: Ctrl+Alt+UpArrowKey.
4. Turn on Computer Beeps.
What It Does: Turns on “ToggleKeys” which makes the computer beep every time you push a lock key (such as Caps Lock).
Level of Evilness: 4 – It doesn’t do any damage and may take awhile to pay off, but it can certainly be annoying when you don’t know why your computer is beeping.
How to Do It: Hold down the NUM LOCK key for five seconds, then hit Yes.
How to Fix It: How down NUM LOCK for five seconds again.
5. Insert Random Text in Word.
What It Does: Inserts random text into Microsoft Word.
Level of Evilness: 5 – It’s pretty easy to remove to random text from a document, but if you put it in the middle of a 30 page proposal, it may take a while to get noticed.
How to Do It: Enter the following into Word: “=rand(x,y)” where x = the number of paragraphs and y = the number of sentences you want.
How to Fix It: Highlight the random text and hit Delete.
6. Make the keyboard seem broken.
What It Does: Turns on FilterKeys which ignores brief or repeated key strokes.
Level of Evilness: 6 – It’s easy to fix but may take some people a long time to even realize FilterKeys is enabled; in the meantime they’ll think their computer is broken or they don’t know how to type.
How to Do It: Hold the right Shift key for 8 seconds, then hit Yes.
How to Fix It: Hold the right Shift key for 8 seconds.
7. Create a Dummy Desktop.
What It Does: Replaces the desktop background with an image of the old desktop background. If you remove the folder icons, it then seem like the computer is not responding / desktop shortcuts won’t open.
Level of Evilness: 7 – Easy to restore unless you delete all of the shortcuts and empty the recycling bin. Incredibly frustrating while you try to figure it out.
How to Do It: Go to the desktop, hit Ctrl+Prnt Screen. Open Microsoft Paint, hit Ctrl+V to copy the screen capture of the image, save the image. Right click on the image, select “Set as Desktop Background.” WindowsKey + D to go the Desktop, Ctrl+A to select all shortcuts, Delete to delete.
How to Fix It: Restore the shortcuts from the Recycling Bin, reset the Desktop background.
8. Change the capitalization in a word document.
What It Does: Changes the case of the selected words (CAPS, no caps, Proper).
Level of Evilness: 8 – It’s pretty easy to fix (with Ctrl+Z) but could be really annoying for large documents if you save/close the document, especially for anything with a lot of acronyms.
How to Do It: In Microsoft Word, highlight a selection (or the entire document by hitting Ctrl+A), then hit Shift+F3 to cycle through: all caps, no caps, proper case.
How to Fix It: Ctrl+Z is the easiest. If you save the document and then exit, Ctrl+Z won’t help. The next best step is to highlight the section and Shift+F3 to proper case (though you will lose in-line capitalization on proper nouns and acronyms).
9. Rename all the files in a folder.
What It Does: Renames all of the files in a folder to the same name (adding a number at the end to prevent duplicates).
Level of Evilness: 9 – Unless you immediately do Ctrl+Z, there’s no easy way to get the original names back.
How to Do It: Go to a folder with files in it. Hit Ctrl+A to Select All, Hit F2 to Rename the first file, Enter the name you want to give to all files, Hit Enter.
How to Fix It: Ctrl+Z can be used until another folder action takes place (such as deleting a file).
10. Cause a Blue Screen of Death on Command.
What It Does: Triggers a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) any time a specific shortcut is entered.
Level of Evilness: 10 – This takes a bit of pre-work on the computer, but you could conceivably cause a BSOD on a friend’s computer in seconds after it’s been setup.
How to Do It: Enable debugging mode (follow this guide), restart the computer, then hit Ctrl+Scroll Lock (twice) to cause the BSOD.
How to Fix It: Disable debugging mode.
Have any computer shortcuts you use for pranking your co-workers? Share them in the comments? Want to prevent your computer for getting messed with, remember the most important shortcut of all: WindowsKey + L to lock your computer.

Tuesday, August 2

(VIDEOS)Beautiful black girl with big butt$ twerking hard and she's not ashamed of any

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I'm still wondering where these set of ladies are from? Hell or Heaven...You can imagine someones future wife doing these dirty dance and sharing them online.
Please if she is your sister,daughter or wife just come and get her...
Download the video below:

Sunday, July 31

Makeup artist ‘chops’ off actor’s hands on set (photos)

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Can you figure out how Special Effects Makeup Artist, Hakeem Onilogbo made this happen?

Photo is from a war scene on a Nollywood movie set. Also see the zombies, men he gave boobs after the cut.

Friday, July 29

I raped my daughters to find out if they were still virgins(Photo)

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Two teenage sisters have narrated how their biological father,repeatedly raped them without using condoms.
The accused, Mr. Okon Jimmy Amah 40, father of four, confessed to have had sex
with both of his daughters. He however added that he was only attempting to check if the girls were still virgins. According to him, he continued to have sex with them, because his second wife, who lives with him, used to deny him sex.
According to the girls, Enobong, 16 and Imaobong, 13, not real names, their father, a mechanic and driver, from Mkpat Enin Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, turned them into sex objects and always raped them without using condoms.

Enobong is a Junior Secondary School (JSS3) student was living with her mother in Benin, Edo State, until April 9, 2015, when she decided to visit her father in Uyo. It was after she got there, that her father turned her into his lover. She said:
“My father started soliciting sex from me. In fact, that April, my father forcefully had sexual intercourse with me in our small room.
He had sex with me in the middle of the night. He has had sex with me several times. I have lost count of the number of times he had sex with me. What is making this issue explodes now, is that one day, after I returned from selling recharge cards, my father got angry that I got home late. I tried to explain to him that I had to balance my account.
He however refused to accept my explanation. He started flogging me with a fan belt.”
Enobong said her father used a motor fan belt to flog her. The girl said that her father beating her, was nothing new, but the beating of that particular day, was too severe. The beating left a lot of bruises on Enobong’s body. It was so obvious that one of her customers, who noticed the bruises the following day, asked her what happened.

Apparently sick and tired of the life she had been subjected to, hungry for a person to share her pains, Enobong poured out her heart to the customer. The shocked customer happened to be a lawyer.

He took the matter to the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Welfare, Akwa Ibom State. Enobong was invited to share her horrifying experience. She also revealed that she had once told her stepmother, that her father used to have sex with her and her younger sister, Imaobong. Recollecting her own experience, Imaobong said she was 11-year-old when her father started having sex with her.

She said:
 “My father returned home one day and called me to a quiet place. He asked me whether I had ever had sex with a man before. I said no. He said he would be the first man to have sex with me. I was shocked. I wanted to say something, but he shouted  at me to shut up.
“When it was midnight, my father raped me. I cried and felt ashamed. He raped me, not once, not twice. He raped me several times. One day, my mother heard me crying, she came to me. I told her the little I could. My mum was angry. But my father didn’t stop having sex with me.
My mum knows about it.”
Amah is married to two wives. One lives with him, while the other does business in Benin, Edo State. Amah, who is in police custody, didn’t deny the allegations. He however denied having sex with his daughters several times. According to him, he did it, “only once.”

He said:
“Yes, I slept with my daughters in the bedroom room, while my wife was sleeping in the sitting room. My wife was ill with malaria. She had been ill for a week. Sometimes, my wife used to deny me sex. That was why I solicited sex from my daughters.”
According to him, aside from his wife sexually starving him, he suspected that his daughter, Imaobong, wasn’t a virgin. He needed to confirm. His words:
“I suspected that Imaobong has had sex with a man. But when I inserted my manhood into her vagina, I discovered that she had never had sex. At that point, I immediately removed my manhood from her vagina.”
As if carrying out the ‘manhood test’ on Imaobong wasn’t enough, Amah, also decided to verify Enobong’s virginity. He said:
“In the case of Enobong, I also intended to find out if she has had sexual intercourse with any man.  When I inserted my manhood into her vagina, I discovered that no man has had sex with her. I immediately removed my manhood.”
Amah further admitted to using motor fan belt to beat Enobong, after having sex with her. He said:
“It’s true I flogged my daughter with a car fan belt, after which I dumped it in my pit toilet.”
The Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Welfare invited the police. The girls’ father was arrested and charged to court.

He was arraigned on three-count charge of incest, carnal knowledge and assault, contrary to Section 242 and 364 of the Criminal Code, Laws of Akwa Ibom State.


Music: CDQ Ft. Wizkid – Make We Run? (Prod. Del’ B)

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CDQ calls on Wizkid once again to come up with this Del’B Produced track titled – “Make we run?
Check on it.

Wednesday, July 27

Justin Bieber Refuses Movie Role Because Of Gay Sex Scene

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Foreign pop star, Justin Bieber has reportedly rejected a movie role because he’s expected to act a gay sex scene in it.
Justin was offered the role of a young pop star in “Uber Girl” – a movie treatment making the rounds in Hollywood. But he wants a major rewrite.
“He won’t take the part unless the sex scene with him and one of the male backup dancers is taken out of the final script,” co-writer Pete O’Neill told the New York Post”

Seriously?! Electricity In Nigerian Embassy In New York Has Been Disconnected Over Unpaid Electricity Bill.

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A US based journalist, Johnson Ude, claimed he visited the Nigerian Consulate in New York and to his utmost surprise, he discovered that their power had been cut off over unpaid debts.
After sharing his ordeal via Twitter, Nigerians weren’t surprised as they replied with hilarious comments.
See below:
Nigerian Consulate electricity1
Nigerian Consulate electricity2
Nigerian Consulate electricity3
Nigerian Consulate electricity4

“Anyone Putting On Attachment Is Putting On A Snake In The Realm Of Darkness” – Born Again Christian Claims.

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So a born-again Christian, who was interviewed by a Newspaper publication has said that anyone who wears an attachment on their hair is putting on a snake in the realm of darkness.

Tragic! Beautiful Lady Dies On Her Way To Collect Gown For Her Induction As A Medical Doctor. (Photos)

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This is yet another sad story hitting us this July – a very beautiful young lady has been reported dead as she was on her way to collect her gown for her induction as a medical doctor.
Nneoma Uhuegbu lost her life in a fatal accident around Umuikaa while journeying to Umuahia from Aba. The transit had 12 passengers, including the driver, but in an unfortunate twist, she was the only one who died.
She was on her way to collect her induction gown for her induction ceremony which is to hold tomorrow, Thursday, July 28, 2016, at ABSU, making her a fresh medical doctor.
Her friend, Ogbonnaya Bonky Chiduzor wrote this touching tribute to the young woman.
dead doctor
The Audacity of Death
The reckless, arrogant enemy of humanity has struck again. On this occasion, its wicked hands did us an irreparable damage which is permanent. It has snatched away a humble, brilliant, amiable, creative and hard-working doctor from us, in a rude and shocking manner. Nneoma has spent 8 years of her life studying medicine & surgery. Their induction into the medical body was scheduled to hold this Thursday 28 July. What a loss!!!..
What happens to the project I wanted you to be part of? what of the lives you planned to save as a medical doctor ? should we forget about it? No!!!! Hey, I am dreaming, some one should tell me am hallucinating.
We are all aware of death’s recklessness, yet we raise our heads with pride, as the faithful children of God Almighty, who believe in His holiness, the resurrection of Jesus and His superior power over all mundane activities and interests of this wicked world. God has allowed in His wisdom, what his power can avoid.
We love you Dr Nneoma…. The Lord grant your family and colleagues the fortitude to bear this great loss. I will see you in Heaven, RIP Nneoma.
See photos from the accident below:
dead doctor2
dead doctor3
dead doctor4

Publicly Shamed Congolese Musician, Koffi Olomide, Arrives Makala Prison To Begin His Sentence. (Video)

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Congolese musician, Koffi Olomide, who was apprehended after he physical assaulted one of his female dancers in Kenya, was yesterday sentenced to a year in prison without the option of fine for his action.

As the singer arrives at the Makala prison in Kinshasa, the prison sentence has commenced with immediate effect.
Watch the publicly rebuked singer arriving Makala prison in Kinsasha where he is to begin serving his sentence.

Blind Young Lady Joins Prostitution To Raise Money For Eye Surgery (Photos)

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A partially blind woman has ventured into prostitution claiming it’s because she wants to raise money for eye surgery.
The woman, who only identified herself as Kelly of Chitungwiza, told H-Metro that she wanted to raise US$500 needed for her treatment and has engaged her lover to protect her.
“My life is no longer the same following the passing on of my mother and this forced me into prostitution my brother,” said Kelly.
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“I have no problem of accommodation since I am renting a room with my boyfriend Elton in Unit K Chitungwiza and he is the one who keeps all the money I receive from the men I render services to.
“Elton makes sure he records all the vehicle registration numbers of motorists who hire me and makes sure I am secured.
“I used to stay in Epworth before relocating to Chitungwiza with my boyfriend. Tinomwa chibhodhoro husiku hwose kuti tisanyanyonzwa chando.
“After raising the money I do not see myself continuing in sex work because the life is not good at all and some of the clients want to take advantage of me to give me peanuts.
“It is not a good method to raise money though but I was left without any other option until I agreed with my boyfriend.
“If I find someone to help me I will not continue in the streets. I will invite you home for more detail since I cannot disclose everything in the presence of these ladies; after all I am here for business, ndipewo dollar rekutenga sadza,” said Kelly accompanied by another thigh vendor identified only as Rachel.
Kelly told H-Metro that she comes from Mudzi where most of her relatives live but has since stopped visiting them.
Elton confirmed cohabiting with Kelly saying he makes sure Kelly’s clients do not take advantage of her blindness
“I record those who engage Kelly for security purposes and I make sure she is kept warm by collecting pieces of cardboard boxes to make fire,” he said.
Rachel told H-Metro that she helps Kelly by holding her hand when approaching her potential clients saying most of the clients are after young ladies.

“Kelly is getting more customers and we have agreed with all hookers around this place that we must not compete with her since she is after raising money for eye surgery,” said Rachel.
“I give her a hand leading her to her clients because it will be dark since she is blind ini ndakatanga ndichinyara ndaizoti ndadhakwa ndotanga kuseka varume vanouya but these days I am now a senior,” said Rachel.